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Time for new adventures.

Badass watches made in the Midwest
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The midwest is strange. Home to no-fuss folks who live for working hard, it’s also full of misfit creators who make wild amazements. It’s a place rooted in substance, not showiness, and what’s made here—music and art, buildings and boots, ice palaces and wool blankets and pick-up trucks—is almost never everyone’s cup of tea. What we make here isn’t trying to impress: we aim for dependable excellence, stuff that’s just right.

An explore flag to show we're proud watchmakers who love  a good midwestern adventure.
The Chilton, our premier watch, comes in two color options: white and navy. Midwest tested, misfit approved.

Haven Watch Co. is a midwest company, and we make mechanical watches that are beautiful, accurate, and ready to stand up to any midwest adventure.

We believe in stuff that’s made well and shows its roots, gear that tries to do what it does very well, stuff that lives the old camper motto: leave everything a little better than you found it.

Watches made in the Midwest
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