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First things first: thanks so much for your interest in Haven Watch Co. Before getting into any of the stuff down below, please know that our only priority is making rad watches that work excellently, and we're grateful for anyone willing to give us a chance to prove it. Also: that picture up above is of the first pair of Chiltons after having been pulled from sitting in a snowbank in -20˚ January weather. We were testing to make sure they could handle the midwest; they do.

+ So are Havens limited edition watches?

Given that you can get limited edition Snickers and Doritos, we're not even sure what that phrase means anymore. We prefer to think of ourselves as making small batch watches. We've got very high standards for our watches, and getting them done correctly takes time, and so in that way they're limited, but no, not limited editions. Just made with a lot of care, one at a time, and not that many overall.

+ What's this MWBest business about?

We want to acknowledge and highlight some of the incredible makers and creators in the midwest. For each model Haven makes, we're picking an midwest maker we think shows shows the best of the midwest. We'll send each artist a watch, and we'll donate 3% of that watch's profits to the charity of that artist's choice.

+ Where can I actually pick up and hold and see a Haven watch to see if I like it? Are there any retail locations?

This one's in the works—we'll hopefully have more to share about this soon.

+ How often should I get my Haven serviced?

You're wearing a brand new watch, and it's fresh from the factory, and from our production—you should have a good 5 or so years in front of you with your Haven as a daily wearer (if you really beat the thing up, start a friendship with a watchmaker so they can check the gaskets for you). That said, we're happy to help. Just send an email or call and we'll help you find a Haven service center.

+ How do you ship watches?

Insured shipping is free in the United States (either thru FedEx or USPS). International sales will go through FedEx but overseas buyers will be responsible for international shipping and customs/duties. Please note that all Haven watches will require a signature for delivery.

+ Warranty

All Haven watches come with a 3 year limited warranty; we're happy to cover any manufacturing defect on any of our watches, and yes, we will be doing the repairs ourselves, here in the midwest. This warranty doesn't cover normal wear-and-tear from regular use, nor does it cover accidents from misuse. Finally, the warranty doesn't cover damage to the case or bands (further, we personally think Havens look better with miles on them).

+ Return Policy

We're happy to accept returns on unworn watches within 7 days of receipt of the watch. Watches will have to be returned in unworn condition for a full refund.

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