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The Chilton

Badass watches made in the Midwest

A new hacking, integrated, manual-wind movement.

A 316L stainless steel case with classic dimensions.

Small batch production to assure finest quality.

A pair of striking dial options.

The new midwest chronograph.

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midwest is best

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The Chilton (ref 1031)

The Chilton (Ref 1031 Mk I)

We set out to make a phenomenal, manual-wound, integrated chronograph that looked not quite modern and not quite vintage. Something like it’d been designed+built in the 1970s, shelved,+ now resuscitated.

The Chilton is currently the only watch available using Sellita’s phenomenal SW510M movement with a 3-register, manual-wind layout. The Chilton’s also half the price of just about every other SW5XX powered chronograph because we do as much as we can ourselves: we source the leather for our straps, cut them ourselves, and then the amazing folks at Leather Works Minnesota finish them. We buy our recycled cardboard boxes from a supplier in Illinois+stamp them ourselves, and our cardboard inserts are made locally in Indiana.

Most importantly, our watches are put together by watchmakers. They’re pressure tested and timed out, in the midwest, by some of the best watchmakers alive, folks who’ve done every repair you can imagine on any number of vintage and modern watches.

In short, we’ve built what we believe are is as good a chronograph as you can get anywhere, and one that’s #midwestcertified watches, able to head out with you on any adventure you’ve got.


37.5MM width; 47mm lug-to-lug, 18mm lugs; 13.1mm thickness.

50 hour power reserve on the cotes-de-geneve striped SW510M.

Double AR coating on the curved sapphire crystal.

Tested to 3ATM, and -20˚ to 160˚F.

316L case with titanium caseback and movement holder.

Each Chilton comes with a steel engineer-style bracelet and your choice of one of three straps

-Badalassi Carlo ochre with blue stitching;

-Conceria Walpier pebbled navy blue with yellow stitching;

-(Made in MN) SB Foot suede gray with red stitching.

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